What We Do

I help you get new members and keep those you have.

Speak to your members

We help you speak to the real problems your members have. Once you start speaking to their problems they know you can help them.

Our Process

Membership sites are awesome, and a pain in the ass

I mean you know your stuff, that’s why you have a membership site. People starting asking you more and more questions and you realized how much time it took so you started charging for your expertise.

But you don’t know membership plugins. You’re not sure how to continue connecting with your members so they stay members. You need help.

That’s why I’m here, to put my 10 years building sites for people, and building custom membership tools, at your disposal.

There are currently two ways to work with me.

Option 1 – Build Your Site $3000

I’ll get your membership site off the ground. I’ve done the research and know which plugin fits which business best. We’ll get on the phone and talk about your business and what you need in a membership site. I’ll choose the right tools for you and set them up.

I’ll make sure your theme supports your membership plugin.

I’ll be around to ask questions so you’re not stuck.

We’ll get your email marketing setup and talk about how to use it. If you need to really knock it out of the park though, add the second option.

Option 2 – Customer Engagement $3000

Are you connecting with your customers at the right times? Are you encouraging them to stay around? Are they taking advantages of the resources you provide?

If your members aren’t continually seeing the value you bring they won’t be members long.

I’ll help you setup 3 content upgrades to bring people into your list. We’ll look at how your customers are engaging with your content and we’ll leverage email to reach out to them at key points so they continue to see the value you provide.

Let’s Talk

There is no need to be stuck with your membership site. No need to search the 52 plugins out there to figure out which one suits you. I’m here to make that process go without a hitch. So…get in touch and let’s get started engaging your members.

Our Work

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