Founded in 2006, SFNdesign is run by Curtis McHale and is headquartered in the great white north (Canada outside of Vancouver BC). SFNdesign specializes in eCommerce (usually WooCommerce) and Membership sites built on WordPress.

dad and daughter at the lake

You couldn’t resist letting that kid paint your finger nails either.

When Curtis isn’t coding he can be found hanging out with his 2 daughters the oldest of which likes to put ponytails in his hair and paint his finger nails. The life of a dad does have some sacrifices and those nails have made for some interesting in person meetings.

His other hobbies mainly include riding his bicycle hundreds of kilometres a week, for fun. Yes that means he loads up 40 lbs bags on his back and rides his bike 100km in to the city instead of driving his perfectly good car which is sitting at home. And yes for some reason he calls it fun.

Other ‘fun’ things he has been known to do are paddle perfectly good pieces of plastic (whitewater kayaks) off 40 foot waterfalls. Yes that is ‘fun’ as well.

Curtis’s favourite (yes we spell Canadian here) programming tasks involve high complexity. He loves automation and testing of sites to make deployments smooth and as error free as possible. He enjoys training teams and beefing up their testing and deployment stacks so they can build better products.

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