Right now I’m working on a Google Analytics 4 integration that needs some data and views. To get the clicks/views I’m using the Selenium IDE Firefox Extension which records my clicks and the replays them. But to even have content for those clicks, I need to generate a bunch of it.

Enter WP CLI Random Content by Bryan Richards.

I’ve used two commands so far. wp random generate --count=50 to generate 50 posts. Then wp random generate --count=50 --post_type=question to generate 50 questions for the WP FAQ Manager plugin.

WP CLI Random Content has far more options than I’ve described above. You can have it add taxonomies to your generated content, use --with-terms=true to have it generate terms first then generate content and attach it to those terms.

Overall, it’s a one stop shop for generating basic content for testing your WordPress sites.

Posted by Curtis McHale

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