Anyone can build you a website, we want to understand your business so we can provide measurable returns.

After years of building web solutions for clients we’ve got a solid process down to make sure that we’re a great fit and can produce awesome work together.

We’re picky

Yup that’s right, we’re pretty picky about the clients we work with. We only take 3 calls a week for new work and out of that we usually redirect 50% of the projects that we take calls on. That means we help you find someone that fits your project better than we do.

Sure I could build you a WordPress theme, but that’s not what we get the most excited about. So we refer projects that are only theme builds.

We think you’re defined by what you don’t do more than what you do do.

We ask lots of questions

We have a standard set of questions that need to be answered for each project like:

  1. Why are we doing the project anyway? (not that interested in building management’s “pet” item)
  2. What does success look like?
  3. How can we measure the project success?
  4. Is this something that your customers have been asking for?
  5. Is there something more important (can produce a higher ROI) that we should be building right now instead?

Not every client we work with knows the answers, but they all want to know the answers.

Sometimes the start of the project means we help you answer the questions before we decide to move forward.

We work short

If you’re looking for a developer that disappears for a few weeks and comes back with something you’re looking in the wrong spot. Most projects see progress pushed to the staging site within a few days.

We measure

At the end of each feature we’ll make sure that we’re ready to measure the success so that we know we’re building the right stuff. Getting features in front of your clients fast is the best way for us all to stay on track.

We talk lots

Expect at least 1 call a week, usually 2. They’re short but essential to make sure that we’re on the right track together. We want you to ask questions about how things are going so you aren’t left in the dark.

Let’s Talk

It should be fun

Yeah that’s right we want to work with people that we enjoy talking to. Curtis is an avid road cyclist (as in his legs are the engine) and does silly things like 250km rides for fun.

We want to work with people that enjoy a bit of joking during calls. We want to make you laugh and to laugh.

Of course results speak but we spend so much time working with our clients that it should be something we all look forward to.

Here’s the last real crazy ride!

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