My current WordPress project has multiple custom plugins and themes with different repositories. Since I manage 80+ sites, I also end up working on bugs and features on a few different sites throughout the day which means I need to get any updates I’ve made to those custom plugins. Today I’ll show you the command I use to do that from the terminal.

find . -type d -depth 2 -exec git --git-dir={}/.git --work-tree=$PWD/{} pull origin master \;

Let’s walk through the command above so you can understand how to change it to suit your needs.

First find . searches through the current directory and we set a few options for it. -type d tells the find command to only search directories. -depth 2 tells the command to search 2 levels of directories down. I use 2 as the depth because I execute this command from the wp-content folder which lets me pull any changes to themes or plugins with a single command. -exec runs a custom command in each directory.

Next, we define the custom command to be run in each directory. git --git-dir={}/.git --work-tree=$PWD/{} pull origin master matches directories with the .git folder and then runs pull origin master on those directories.

A number of our directories have been switched over to the new default main branch as well so I run the same command a second time replacing master with main to make sure I get those repositories.

I still make sure that I have manually run git pull when I start working on a custom plugin or theme, but this command helps make sure that if I forget I’m not stuck in merge conflict hell.

Posted by Curtis McHale

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