After this tweet people asked me for more information on my thoughts.

Let’s start by looking at all the things that Photoshop, or any pixel design system doesn’t have to worry about.

  • the HTML markup of the site
  • the functionality that is present with the current tools on the site
  • readability of the actual font on the web in various browsers

That’s just a shortlist. Once you dig in to a site build there are so many more things to dive into. Even showing your developer some other site that did it doesn’t mean you can do it.

Maybe that site makes 40k a month and pays a full-time developer to build it all custom. They also don’t have to deal with the HTML markup of the tools that are in use on the site. They get to make it whatever they want.

So no, if you have a custom design your site may not look exactly like it. That’s why you hire a good developer that can build a theme for your WordPress Membership Site who will take into account all the little things that have to change.

They’ll make the decisions you need to have made so that the site is very close to the design. But don’t waste their time pixel peeping and measuring. If something is grossly out of whack, let your developer know.

Otherwise trust them. If you don’t trust them, you didn’t do your due diligence to find someone that you can trust and that’s on you.

Posted by Curtis McHale

Web developer specializing in membership and ecommerce sites. I like to ride my bicycle.