Today we’re going to look at The Willoughby Book Club.

As always we’re looking for three things:

  1. Reasonably recent design
  2. Content that engages readers
  3. Clear call to action

First off, the slider is not great. Not only does it do something funny on an iPad Pro, people don’t look at sliders. Something like 98% of people never look at the slider. Out of the 2% remaining 99% look at the first slide.

Sliders are only useful for telling your boss that you have all 5 of their ideas on the homepage.

After that, the design is decent. Minimal and nothing fancy which is far preferable to a design that is fancy and ugly or outdated.

For content, they really don’t have much. A bunch of text lists and stuff but nothing that’s going to get me coming back to see what’s up with the book club. I’d love to see them showing off their bundles on the site so that I see what I’m missing because I’m not subscribed. Maybe even do a reading each month for one of the books and do it right on Youtube?

Finally, call to action? Well they have a bunch so it’s not super clear the exact action I should be taking right off the bat. If this was my client I’d have them make one single call to action that linked to some video or maybe an email series that explained the club.

Overall, the site isn’t bad, but it could be refined to be a much more effective sales tool for them.

Posted by Curtis McHale

Web developer specializing in membership and ecommerce sites. I like to ride my bicycle.