Today we’re going to do a site teardown. I really just randomly searched for a site in a field where I know there are a bunch of poor sites so I have no idea who the coach is that we’re looking at.

On every site teardown we’re going to be looking for a few things:

  1. Reasonably recent design
  2. Content that engages readers
  3. Clear call to action

Today we’re going to look at Natalie Bell.

First off, the design is clearly dated. I always find this discouraging because it’s so easy to get a decent design that’s current. Head over to StudioPress or Array Themes or The Theme Foundry and purchase a recent design.

Heck even head over to and get a free theme that looks decent. It’s not hard to get a credibility upgrade by having a decent design.

Second, content to engage readers. Looking at Natalie’s homepage we can see that she was on the Today Show. I’m sure that this gave her a boost in credibility, but that’s really the only content we have from her. If we look at her blog, the most recent post was from late 2017 and then it quickly heads back to 2013.

Nor do I see any social media profiles like Instagram that might be driving traffic to her coaching programs.

If you want to get your membership site found, you need some content that is going to be compelling.

Finally, call to action. If we look at Natalie’s homepage, we don’t see any clear and obvious CTA’s. Her contact link in the top navigation is the same as everything else. Her “book here” or really any of her links that are CTA’s look exactly the same as the rest of the content.

Further, there are no less than 9 actions she gives you the opportunity to take right on the homepage. Keep your CTA to one main thing, that’s it. The rest of the stuff needs to not even get in the face of anyone.

Recommendations for Natalie Bell

  1. Update the design
  2. Start getting some content out there that is engaging

– If you’re not sure how to do this I recommend reading 10x Marketing
3. Get a single clear main call to action on the top of the page

Posted by Curtis McHale

Web developer specializing in membership and ecommerce sites. I like to ride my bicycle.